I edit all my films in Vancouver, taking advantage of a great group of talented and dedicated editors.

Anne Carlucci

Executive Producer

I have spent over 30 years producing high quality movies and series for every major studio and broadcaster in America. I have filmed in many parts of America from Los Angeles to Detroit, Pittsburgh and many other major cities.

I have also been blessed to film 20 years in Vancouver and on most of my productions I have chosen to keep Post within Vancouver based on their amazing Post talents and incredible editors.

This editing core has always worked hard, gone beyond the call and accomplished all that was asked of them creatively and technically and usually better than any other crew or talent base in any other region I have worked.

The proof is in the number of awards they have been honored with on my many shows including Leo’s and the coveted Emmys.

Dan Angel


I have worked with BC based editors for more than 20 years and have nothing but good things to say. I convinced AMC Studios to use local editors on Dirk Gently and had an amazing experience. No surprise!

Robert Cooper

Executive Producer/Writer/Director

I've fought hard for each US-based project I've done to be edited in Vancouver, and increasingly that is becoming the norm as the local talent continues to exceeded expectations.

Producers not only have the benefit of low dollar, and tax credits, but the long legacy of creative voices that help bring these projects to life.

Zach Lipovsky


Let me take the time to say that the editors I have worked with in Vancouver are absolutely equal to those I have worked with around the world — including in Los Angeles and London.

They have been innovative, collaborative, great story-tellers, fluent with VFX, and able to flex with style and substance. I have my favourites in each place, and they are all equal but different, like the best of all crews.

Rachel Talalay


Our editors here are among the brightest and most creative I’ve encountered. And with the volume and diversity of projects shot here, the experience is deep.

Gary Harvey


We created Showtime's "The Chris Isaak Show" and produced it for the three seasons of its run in Vancouver. We did all our post in Vancouver and worked exclusively with Canadian film editors. We found them all to be well-trained, proficient in the latest technology, very creative and collaborative.

We were delighted with the experience and would welcome working with any of our Vancouver editors again.

Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider

Showrunners/Writers/Executive Producers

I absolutely work with the best editors in the world in Vancouver BC. They are gifted storytellers that sculpt the shows I’ve directed into well paced and invigorating TV episodes that have the highest creativity and pack an emotional punch that raises the art form.

Sean McNamara


As a showrunner, I’ve made television shows in LA, Toronto and Vancouver. The one city where I truly look forward to the post-production experience is Vancouver, and that’s largely due to the city’s stellar calibre of IATSE editors.

Every one I’ve worked with has amazed me with the level of craft, array of creative approaches and tireless professionalism. If you find yourself needing to be locked in a dark, windowless room with someone for weeks on end? Do yourself a favour and make it a Vancouver IATSE editor.

Michael MacLennan

Showrunner/Writer/Executive Producer

I’ve worked with editors and assistants from across Canada, the US and Europe. Vancouver’s local IA891 editorial talent is amongst the best there is.

Andy Mikita

DGC/DGA Director

A first class operation. Among the most talented and efficient group of people as I have ever have had the privilege of working with. Not exaggerating.

Jerry Levine


The experience I had with IA891 was exceptional. I very much look forward to working with them all again.

Ed Bernero


I'd never posted in Vancouver, only L.A., so I was a little tentative. That lasted about a minute: The editors and assistant editors are super talented, cool people and great communicators.

Really enjoyed my editorial experience .. I ask everybody to claim some ownership, come with ideas, and they gave me plenty to steal. I'd do it again in a Vancouver Second, on this show or another.

John Scott Shepherd

Showrunner/Writer (You Me Her)

As an American Director/Producer/ Writer/ Actor working in British Columbia for over 30 years, I am continually impressed by the storytelling skills and creativity of Vancouver's' editors.

Peter DeLuise